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Gun Control Essays (2266 words) - Gun Politics In The United States

Firearm Control Firearm Control Gun control and guideline is turning out to be increasingly more mainstream all through the U.S., in spite of the fact that it might in any case raise obstruction among certain individuals. Firearms are kind of an establishment of American culture. This countrys opportunity was prevailed upon bleeding and gallant wars with firearms. Weapons are depicted all through TV, motion pictures, and computer games. Weapons are a famous image of intensity, control, authority, predominance, and can be related with security and resistance. The job weapons play in our general public is an exceptionally disputable discussion. I will bolster the weapon control and administrative side of this subject as a momentary reasonable objective. There are both enthusiastic supporters of the second revision ensuring American residents the option to remain battle ready, and there are individuals who firmly can't help contradicting the broad use and accessibility of firearms to youth and lawbreakers. Those for o pen firearm use are frequently persuaded by the second Amendment, and the privilege many case to chase, ensure the home, or for guard against possible local armies or government topple. The thought process behind advocates of weapon control then again, is to confine openness to firearms to forestall viciousness and demise in our general public. My position at last, with pertinence to our introductions in class, is neither an endeavor to convince or persuade anybody to utilize weapons nor to control and confine them. From here in any case, let me reveal to you that firearms assume a job of non-significance in my life, and in this way I have searched out a thinking that has driven me to support a world without any weapons inside and out. This may sound rather optimistic or radical, yet it is essential. Our reality needs a significant, aggregate transformation where viciousness and firearms are concerned especially in the United States. This is my drawn out objective of probability. Ri ght off the bat, the degree of firearm viciousness is huge, principally in the U.S. among all other modern countries. Close to car casualty, firearm viciousness is the subsequent driving reason for death by injury in the U.S. It should turn out to be first constantly 2003 except if something is done to forestall it. In the mid nineties for instance, four states Nevada, Virginia, Louisiana, and Texas had patterns of firearm injury as the top reason for death. This sort of savagery it appears is nearly as pestilence as AIDS is in causing passing. That is an extremely frightening interesting point. (gunfree.org) The National Center for Health Statistics reports that guns have ended the lives of 35,957 individuals in the U.S. in 1995. There is a 21.5% gun casualty increment since 1985. Furthermore, of these fatalities, suicides rank first at 18,503 individuals; murders second at 15,835 individuals; unexpected shootings next at 1,225 individuals; and 394 were unsure. (gunfree.org) Now I might want to demystify a few contentions utilized against firearm control. The first accept that weapon control wont stop firearm savagery or wrongdoing. Most crooks get weapons through lawful methods in spite of what the firearm campaign says to legitimize having an immense accessibility of firearms. This is demonstrated by the Criminal Justice Research Center. They clearly overviewed that solitary 27% of grown-up detainees and 43% of adolescents have purchased handguns unlawfully on the bootleg market. Then again, of these prisoners, 69% of grown-ups and 55% of adolescents acquired weapons through methods like retail, firearm shops, private proprietors, companions or family. This affirms most weapons are gotten legitimately through controlled strategies. (gunfree.org) Also, the FBI has gotten reports of a middle number of around 274,000 weapons taken yearly from 85 to 94. This brings up that the weapons sold by proprietors and sellers are a hazard to us and can be directed to bri ng down wrongdoing, murder, self destruction, and different fatalities. (gunfree.org) Is possessing a weapon actually a sacred right? The second alteration of the constitution says: An all around controlled Militia being important to the security of a free State, the privilege of the individuals to keep and remain battle ready, will not be encroached. The Supreme Court clarified in its 1939 case choice of U.S. versus Mill operator, that the second Amendment doesnt secure ownership of a gun except if there exists some kind of sensible relationship in protecting

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Obesity and How Society views it

Weight and How Society sees it All through the mankind's history, weight increase and fat stockpiling have been seen the indications of richness and success. Presently, because of the ascent of expectations for everyday comforts, abundance weight and stoutness are representing a developing danger to wellbeing in numerous nations around the world.Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on Obesity and How Society sees it explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Obesity is an incessant infection that wins in both created and creating nations and influences kids just as grown-ups. This issue is earnest to the degree that it replaces progressively customary general wellbeing concerns including irresistible infection and hunger as pessimistic investors to person’s wellbeing. Furthermore, as corpulence is the significant hazard factor for other constant and non-transferable illnesses, it is simply an issue of time before a similar high death rates for such ailments will be seen in cr eating nations. Similar rates existed in industrialized nations 20 years prior idea having great created showcase economies (Takrouni, 2008). At long last, heftiness is alluded to as unusual or exorbitant fat collection to a degree that human wellbeing might be influenced (Takrouri, 2008). Articulation proposal Obesity is a genuine illness that is by and large intensely examined in the United States and is adding to the improvement of other interminable conditions and hazardous issue. The weight overabundance impacts the living being and incites heart infections and clutters of blood-vascular framework. The weight gain likewise gives an impressive weight on different organs and, along these lines, debilitates the resistant arrangement of the living being. In any case, there are situations when overabundance weight is the result of hereditary heredity, which is regularly fills in as a reasonable reason for hefty individuals. Along these lines, there is the need to break all the legen ds and to make individuals have a sound existence style. The Epidemic of Obesity It is irrefutable that the pandemic of stoutness has no social, monetary, technologic, and geographic limits. This particularly matters as the soaring paces of this ailment are firmly connected with metabolic disorder influencing the pace of mortality and dismalness of weight. Roughly, 200 and seventy million (270,000,000) individuals on the planet are viewed as corpulent and the number is accepted to arrive at 300 and fifty million (350,000,000) in coming 2026 (Kushner and Bessesen, 2007, p. 100). The issue of the abundance weight has gotten increasingly dire in the United States during the most recent three decades. Specifically, 33% of grown-ups are obese.Advertising Looking for investigate paper on wellbeing medication? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More What is increasingly vile is that this weight multiplication has no sexual orientation, age, and racial differentiations (Kushner and Bessesen, 2007, p. 100). The more huge concern is associated with the hasty development of the youth weight. The insights tallies that the United States has every 6th youngster experiencing weight (Kushner and Bessesen, 2007, p. 100). Weight is considered to cause significant effects on the medicinal services costs, monetary expenses, and social expenses since its quick development has nearly exceeded the HIV/AIDS. To be progressively exact, 2005 saw around 75 % of American individuals experiencing HIV/AIDS and very nearly 86 % are the survivors of unreasonable weight (Mooney et al., 2008, p. 42). Hence, aside from preventive proportions of stoutness, which are suitable answers for helping with hindering the paces of illness, there should be some other option and viable strategies for treatment. This can be accomplished through government research and execution of logical activities planned for encouraging the state funded training on issues concerning heftiness. Appropriate treatment to the individuals who are as of now experiencing heftiness ought to be managed and legitimate consideration given in order to help them to conquer the issue of abundance weight. Stoutness the executives needs earnest consideration, particularly in country territories. Human services administrations ought to be decentralized to neighborhoods simpler access to all individuals who need them. Accordingly, these people ought to be truly focused for treatment to forestall corpulence expansion in the United States. There is additionally the need to make consciousness of the infection as a significant medical issue since government and some medicinal services frameworks give inadequate consideration to it. Stoutness as a Disease Apart from hereditary qualities, most instances of patient’s heftiness are the result of unfortunate food consumption and genuine way of life. There are scarcely any individuals who thoroughly consider the reasons of such incessant ailments as cardiovascular breakdown, diabetes, and asthma are abundance gauge and indiscreet demeanor to the food remittance. Contemplating the weight issues, the above interminable issue can be considered as side effects. In this way, the weight is the base of all issues that ought to be killed right away. As indicated by measurements, â€Å"even with improved administration of comorbidities related with weight, the evaluated number of overabundance demise in 2000 relationship with heftiness was 111.909† (McKnight, 2005, p.1) concerning the over, a solid way of life, culture of food utilization and human conduct are the primary mainstays of sound existence.Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on Obesity and How Society sees it explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is the reason when purchasing food and other item, individuals should stick the suitable guidelines. Be that as it may, the absence of training and multi plication of food culture despite everything comes up short. What's more, individuals should quit burning through cash on weight reduction items however spend more on the procedures of creating wellbeing activities, conduct, and disposing of poor ways of life (Finkelstein et al., 2003) Other Chronic Conditions That Make It Hard To Overcome Obesity The event of interminable issue is hard to wipe out for an individual who attempts to decrease or improve when they have abundance weight. Such interminable issue incorporate the coronary illness causing numerous deadly results, especially among the American populace. Arthrosclerosis is another interminable condition developing because of stoutness issues, diabetes, and hereditary qualities legacy. The introduced entanglements irritate the procedure of treatment significantly (DeBruyne et al., 2007, p. 372). Notwithstanding the above-characterized interminable conditions, there are some different components hampering stoutness treatment. I t ought to be conceded that weight avoidance and treatment ought to be done with the assistance of successful techniques and, in this way, regular measures are not prone to be executed. Consequently, it is important to consider all hazard factors, future confusions that may happen just as reactions. In this way, these interminable illnesses are major hindrances for individuals experiencing heftiness. Sorts of Illness Relating to Obesity and Consequences of Stigma Cardiovascular, hypertension, mortality diabetes, and breathing troubles are connected with heftiness. Some of the time corpulence doesn't negatively affect wellbeing. Be that as it may, it may cause pressure, nervousness, loss of confidence, and sorrow. This is overabundance weight influences both the wellbeing and the mental status of an individual (Ross, 2003). Regard for large individuals has spread worldwide because of high and stunning paces of heftiness and its medical issues especially in the United States of Americ a. Corpulent individuals experience disgrace and separation prompting genuine ramifications for their enthusiastic and mental wellbeing. All the more critically, heftiness disgrace is knowledgeable about all parts of individual's life on the grounds that such individuals are ineffectively treated by their partners at work and other social circles. The condition of being large makes individuals lethargic, inactive and not interested throughout everyday life; they may even lose the feeling of presence. This is particularly common of individuals with feeling of inadequacy that regularly creates among individuals experiencing abundance weight. Before thinking about the disgrace of weight, it is important to contemplate the marvel of generalizations that fills in as the fundamental condition for stoutness inclinations. As per Brownell (2005), â€Å"the substance of all generalizations differs along two element of more and less socially attractive attributes: warmth and competence† (p. 111).Advertising Searching for examine paper on wellbeing medication? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Such hypothetical model intently identifies with disgrace of corpulence. Thus, the substance of generalizations referenced above can be applied to corpulent people on the grounds that such individuals can ordinarily respond to the introduced factors. Be that as it may, this specific predisposition is progressively worried about the issues of controllability and perceivability. It is demonstrated that the issue of overabundance weight is a negative shame on the grounds that is obvious and treated to be controllable (Browneell, 2005, p. 111). Emerging from the abovementioned, there is a presumption that pessimistic view of overabundance weight can make adverse responses and generalizations which, in their turn, incite people’s disdain and scorn Obese grown-ups who experience disgrace have grown high paces of social seclusion since they sense that they are not acknowledged by the general public. Social hesitance to acknowledge such individuals develops the absence of confidence a nd refusal to associate with individuals concurred with the generalization outlines. Another result of disgrace is that it prompts an adverse outcome of poor eating practices or propensities, for example, gorging by certain individuals in light of slandering experiences (Richards, 2009). Issues Encountered by Doctors When Treating the Obese Patients Obesity is a significant clinical issue that can not be overlooked. Consequently, it needs arrangement of expert and basic medicinal services administrations coordinated at improving the recuperate

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Toy Design Wrapup

Toy Design Wrapup Tension filled the air as people were ushered in to 6-120. Scientists dotted the MIT campus, urging people to get to 6-120 as fast as possible. Following the advice of the scientists and heading towards 6-120 you may have been confused. There were small groups of people in corners, talking busily, people running around in lab coats with clip boards, and caution tape roped off entire buildings. Something was obviously going on. . . Wait . . . what? Students at play? Oh right! Tuesday was the 4th Annual Playsentations, the final Toy Design hoorah where all of the groups present their final prototypes to an audience of industry representatives, parents, and friends. A semesters worth of work culminated in 2 hours of shear amazingness. I know Ive been holding back and not telling you what my toy is, leaving you hints and leaving you guessing. This is the entry where all is revealed, where I tell you exactly what my team and I have been working on for our entire second semester. Sit back, it was a crazy night! I arrived at the PlaySentations 2 hours early so that I could practice with my group. I had one of the two speaking roles so I, theoretically, had my lines memorized and ready to recite as eloquently as humanly possible. Too bad I managed to forget most of them right as we began to practice, but luckily I regained my composure. My group was awesome and ready for the presentation so we decided to chill before the show started. This is when the writing instructor came up to us. You guys, have you filed a patent for your toy yet? Um, no, should we? Well, youre about to pitch your idea to a group of people that could potentially steal it. I recommend a patent. Oh, youre right, um, ok, to an Athena Cluster! Elizabeth and I ran to a cluster and surfed around on the internet before finding a very convenient e-mail my dad had sent me regarding patents. I linked to the site he sent me, did some quick skimming, and then downloaded the form. 30 minutes and $278 dollars later BOOM! I got official word today that were officially Patent Pending so its safe to tell you guys what weve been working on. Sorry, its not that I dont trust you, its just that I dont trust you. :) The lights dimmed and our professor took the stage. The Playsentations began. The first group to go was Tube Racers. followed by Seismic Survival Elektros LUX DIGITal DJ Infection Cool Pool Cell Slap and The Orb Ill skip the descriptions of each just because I couldnt really do each one justice and because a video of the entire event will eventually hit the web. I will, however, discuss the one I skipped. That would be my groups toy. Whats it called??? ElectroPlushies Ooooooh-ahhhhhhhh! So, whats an ElectroPlushie? Try to think of it as a mix between a Giant Microbe: and snap circuits: Essentially, ElectroPlushies are large, plushy versions of electrical components that can be snapped together to build real circuits. Each plushy, while resembling an electrical component (resistors, capacitors, switches, batteries, LEDs, etc) actually has the real component inside. Wires run from the component, down the leads of the plushy, and are soldered to magnetic snaps at the end of the plushy (and bendable!) leads. This lets you snap together different components and learn the basics of circuitry while still playing with stuffed toys. Each ElectroPlushie has a personality that corresponds to what its function in the circuit is. The battery is energetic, the piezo buzzer is angry, the LED is bright and happy, the button is confused (he doesnt know whether hes on or off), and the resistor is cool and resistant to flow. We made five ElectroPlushies for the Playsentations and they are as follows (photography by Eric Schmiedl): Battery Buzzer Resistor Button/Switch LED After presenting our toy to a packed house and to some random CBS news camera (btw, we rocked it) we did some QA (also rocked (and also quite funny)) and then returned to our seats, thrilled at our pitch and still listening to the applause ringing in our ears. The audience responded incredibly well and loved the toy, much to our relief. After all of the presentations the audience (upwards of 300 people) filled out evaluations for each presentation (concept, implementation, presentation, etc). Ordinarily there would be very little incentive to actually fill these forms out, but this being MIT and toy design, theres always incentive. Our professor took the stage again: I would like to thank Hasbro for all of the help theyve provided us this year. Hasbro would also like to thank us. Do you all have your evaluations filled out? Good, because Hasbro has decided to give us a little something. . . Off to the side of the stage a large black drape is pulled off of a huge pile of boxes, each conspicuously with the word TOYS on it. A box was opened and the contents hoisted into the air. This is when the audience realized that every single person was about to get a free Nerf gun! Any blank evaluations were instantly filled out and were traded for plastic projectile goodness as people filed out into the lobby for milk and cookies. I stayed behind and chatted with my group and some guests about our toys. Eventually everybody had filed out, I had my Nerf gun(s) and Maddie and I headed back to Burton-Conner, finally done with Toy Design, not quite able to accept the fact that it was all over. We walked up the two flights of stairs to Conner 2 and opened the door into the hallway only to hear WE NEED MORE AMMO!!! GO GO GO GO GO! as Yuki ran screaming by the door dodging a hail of flying foam and firing darts down the hall. The war had begun, I quickly dropped all of my stuff, loaded my Nerf gun, and joined the fray. You see, the vast majority of my floor had come to watch the Playsentations and, consequently, there are now over a dozen Nerf guns laying all over the floor. This is what the wall next to my desk looks like: Weve recently acquired 96 more darts (that work much better than the ones that came with the guns) and we spend most of our time target shooting various lights and windows. Now, while dart guns are really fun, I think Yukis AIM away message from the other day pretty much sums up the current state of things: Bad Ideas 101: Giving out 100 free Nerf guns the week before finals. So thats it, Toy Design is over, for now. Im working at Hasbro this summer and will begin getting ElectroPlushies ready to be marketed, distributed, get the official patent filed (were operating under a provisional right now), get prototypes ready to show at Toy Fair 2009, and generally make sure that these things end up on ThinkGeek and in stores everywhere. Im taking SP.779 next semester, which is Advanced Toy Design (or, free lab time to work on continuing toys). Ill post a link to the video of the Playsentations when its posted to the web, its worth a watch (but I pre-apologize for the audio, it was terrible! I wanted to rip my mic off and smash it under my heel). Good luck with the end of the year everybody, youre so close! Post Tagged #2.00b Toy Design

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A Pioneer of Expressionism, James Ensor - 1099 Words

The colourful grotesque scenes painted by James Ensor have caused many to place him as a pioneer of expressionism. He is most recognized as the painter of masks and skeletons. However, to place him under one category would be to ignore a large portion of his career, in which he tackled a plethora of techniques, mediums, and subjects. The diversity of Ensors art sets him apart from many other artists, and his experimentation was ceaseless. Ensor was innovative and original, excelling at a great number of things. Until his death in 1949, Ensor constantly proved his ever-expanding artistic ability, expressing himself through his work in any way that he pleased, and refusing to surrender to the standards of others. James Sidney Ensor was born in 1860 to an educated Englishman and a bourgeious Belgium woman in the seaside resort town of Ostend, Belgium. During the summer the streets would be crawling with tourists, eager to take in the sea and partake in a wild Flemish festival. Ensors fa ther, James Frederic Ensor, left for the United States shortly after his sons birth to find work as a civil engineer, but returned to Ostend after the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861. The family of his wife, Maria Catherina Haegheman, owned a small eclectic souvenir shop, in which Ensor found great inspiration. In my parents shop I had seen the wavy lines, the serpentine forms of beautiful seashells, the irridescent lights of mother-of-pearl, the rich tones of delicate chinoiserie (1).

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The Mission Of Valley Mountain Regional Center - 1176 Words

The mission of Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC) is to support people with developmental disabilities as they enrich their lives through choices and inclusion. VMRC is committed to securing quality, individualized services in collaboration with families and the community. VMRC is a private, non-profit corporation that contracts with the State of California to provide diagnostic, evaluation, case management, and early intervention services to people with developmental disabilities. Valley Mountain Regional Center serves children and adults with developmental disabilities in San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne counties. 1,614 children under age 3 and their families are served in VMRC’s Early Start Program which†¦show more content†¦Then you meet with a psychologists and along with all the assessments and paperwork, and his observation. You received a final diagnosis in which the school social worker is present at all times for any questions or concerns. According to â€Å"Introduction to Human Services†, in general, school social workers exist to assist children in managing any psychosocial issues that are creating a barrier to learning. These could include physical barriers I the form of a disability, cognitive barriers such as intellectual or learning disabilities, or behavioral barriers such as students who are depressed, anxious, or acting out. School social workers also work to develop, enhance, or maintain a close working relationship between student families and the school, advocating for the family in a variety of situations,(Martin, 2014, pg. 278). I observed the interviewee as a concerned and caring mother who wanted the best for her child with autism. She was educated enough to know it was a process beyond her knowledge. The mother is a young Caucasian adult with a college education, she allowed the process and was opened minded with what the coordinators and specialists had to say. Stating, that it cou ld be difficult to get resources because the client is unsure where he or she is to go and turn to. Autism is a disorder of social interaction, communication and behavior. Autism typically manifests itself within the first three years of life and there is usually cognitive

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Gmo Lab Report Free Essays

Introduction During the course of this lab, we explored whether or not certain processed foods contained Genetically Modified Organisms. Genetically modified food is an important subject in the world today. Ever since Flavr Savr came out with their tomatoes grown from genetically modified seeds in 1994 genetically modified foods has become ever more popular amongst distributors of produce (Mestel, 2013). We will write a custom essay sample on Gmo Lab Report or any similar topic only for you Order Now The world’s population has grown by around one billion in the last decade (US Bureau of the Census). At this rate, Genetically Modified Organisms within food products will increase dramatically, but is this for the best? There are many risk factors that have been brought up with genetically modified foods such as potential increase of cancer according to a French study conducted by Dr. Giles Eric Seralini (Kilham, 2012). Genetically modified food is a popular subject among scientists, as it has been researched quite often. A study was done in the Czech Republic over a course of five years (2002- 2007) to test many foods, such as tomatoes and rice, for approved and unapproved Genetically Modified Organisms. Similar to the experiment conducted in the botany lab, the scientists involved in this study used a Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR, method to determine their results (Kyrova, Ostry, Laichmannova, Ruprich, 2010). Enrico Dainese and his partners did another similar study, on soybeans specifically. Like our experiment conducted on the cornbread mix, Dainese and his colleagues followed their PCR results with an Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (Dainese, Angelucci, De Santis, Maccarrone and Cozzani, 2004). An additional experiment closely related to the one performed by my partners and I is a study done in Brazil to better detect for GMO within their foods sold in markets a other places (Cardarelli, Branquinho, Ferreria, da Cruz and Gemmule, 2005). These articles show how GMO within foods are present all over the world. The reason my fellow group members and myself are conducting this experiment is to test a sample of processed food (in this case cornbread mix) for any existence of Genetically Modified Organisms using PCR methods. We hypothesize that the cornbread mixture has been genetically modified and herefore will show that in the results. Materials and Methods The purpose of this experiment is to use PCR method to identify genetically modified foods. During the experiment we, as a group, tested a known non- GMO food sample, oatmeal, along with our cornbread mix. We first weighed out 0. 77 g of the non- GMO oatmeal. We then proceeded to add 3. 85 ml (5. 00 ml per 1. 00 g) of disti lled water (DW) to the oatmeal and ground them together with a pestle. The same was done with 0. 99 g of the cornbread mix and 4. 95 ml of DW. We pipetted each of these into separate screw-cap tubes consisting of 500 l of an InstaGene solution. These we incubated and centrifuged for approximately 5 minutes each. We then took six PCR tubes and filled them each up, 2 with the non- GMO oatmeal mixture, 2 with the cornbread mixture and 2 with a known GMO positive substance. The Non- GMO and GMO positives served as controls for the experiment. One of each of the two tubes contained 20 l of plant MM and GMO MM. The PCR tubes were then placed in a thermal cycler and after this we did an agarose gel electrophoresis to provide us with the necessary data received from bands that should’ve shown up n the gel. Results Even though we had followed procedure and accurately mixed the correct amount and type of DNA and Master Mix together, as shown in Table 1, we ended up getting shocking results. Photos were taken of the final gel slab the morning of the experiment (Fig. 1) and that same afternoon (Fig. 2). There seemed to be very little signs, if any, of Genetically Modified Organisms within the cornbread mixture. TABLE 1. PCR Tube Contents: Tube Number| Master Mix| DNA| 1| 20 l Plant MM (green)| 20 l Non- GMO food control DNA| 2| 20 l GMO MM (red)| 20 l Non- GMO food control DNA| | 20 l Plant MM (green)| 20 l test food DNA| 4| 20 l GMO MM (red)| 20 l test food DNA| 5| 20 l Plant MM (green)| 20 l GMO positive control DNA| 6| 20 l GMO MM (red)| 20 l GMO positive control DNA| FIGURE 1. GMO Morning (AM) Agarose Gel Electrophoresis results FIGURE 2. GMO Evening (PM) Agarose Gel Electrophoresis results Discussion: The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether or not a sample of an off-brand corn bread mix had contained Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). As a result, we determined that there were no GMO traces located in the cornbread mix. This could be due to mistakes that may have been made during the procedure such as poor measuring or mixing, misreading results, or the cornbread mix really was not made with genetically modified foods. These results disprove our hypothesis, which stated that we believed there would be GMO traces found within the cornbread mix. It was disappointing to see that we had a negative result while many of the other groups received bold lines on their arag gel indicating that their foods contained high amounts of GMO. I was glad to see that not all processed foods contain it though as in with the results of the Czech Republic study. Out of all the tomatoes and papayas they tested, not one had resulted in the detection of GMO traces (Kyrova, Ostry, Laichmannova, Ruprich, 2010). We knew that the gel was accurately detecting GMO traces in foods by using the GMO positive control. Also to back up our assumptions that the Agarose Gel Electrophoresis results are accurate, it is shown in Dainese’s, and other’s, work. He used this method of GMO detection in his study to show that this is an effective way of detecting GMO traces (Dainese, Angelucci, De Santis, Maccarrone and Cozzani, 2004). It is interesting to see how genecticall modified foods are not only in the US but also in the Czech Republic and even in Brazil markets, where Cardarelli and his associates looked into Roundup Ready soybeans and checked other substances for GMO traces (Cardarelli, Branquinho, Ferreria, da Cruz and Gemmule, 2005). Though I was disappointed to get negative results, I am happy that there was a variety in GMO traces within the whole lab. I don’t know if we would have learned much if we all got positive results. It would cause us to just assume that all processed foods have been genetically altered. The other researchers’ results intrigued me as to how different they all were yet they were all about the same thing in a sense. This lab has helped me realize how GMO within foods is affective all around the world and doesn’t just mean that the food is bigger or tastier, but has been affected by chemicals, both good and bad. Literature Cited: Cardarelli, Paola; Branquinho R, Maria; Ferreria T. B. , Renata; da Cruz P, Fernanda; Gemmule L, Andre. 2005. Detection of GMO in food products in Brazil: the INCQS experience. Food Control. 16(10): 859-866. Dainese, E; Angelucci, C; De Santis, P; Maccarrone, M; Cozzani, I. 004. A multiplex PCR-based assay for the detection of genetically modified soybean. Analytical Letters. 37(6): 1139-1150. Kilham, C. What You Need To Know About GM Foods Is Half The Story. 2012 Dec. 07. Forbes Magazine. Kyrova, V; Ostry, V; Laichmannova, L; Ruprich, J. 2010. AN OCCURRENCE OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODSTUFFS ON THE CZECH FOOD MARKET. Acta Aliment aria. 39(4): 387- 396. Mestel, R. 2013 Feb 23. Genetically modified foods: Who has to tell?. Los Angeles Times. US Bureau of the Census. Current Population Projections. 2013. www. census. gov. How to cite Gmo Lab Report, Essay examples

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Safety glasses analysis Essay Example

Safety glasses analysis Essay The surface finish of the glasses and texture is smooth and polished and the shape of the glasses is suitable to the task. However the overall style and image is unattractive and the aesthetic qualities could be greatly improved. This product is well suited to its purpose as the product is made of a hard material that is not easily broken or shattered. The safety glasses can be adjusted to suit the wearer and are adaptable to all environments in the workshop. This set of goggles are very attractive and aesthetically pleasing, also they are very well constructed and impact resistant therefore they fit their purpose very well. The head strap is adjustable and made of a flexible comfortable material that moulds to the contours of the wearers head. The design of these goggles is very modern and streamlined. They are nicely shaped and very colourful. The lens is tinted and looks nice as well as helping youre the view of the wearer when underwater The Freedo race Swimming Goggles have an angled lens which is designed to reduce the head movement of the swimmer. We will write a custom essay sample on Safety glasses analysis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Safety glasses analysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Safety glasses analysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer These swimming goggles have a split silicone strap with a self adjusting nose bridge, to enable the swimmer to fit their swimming goggles properly. Welding lenses are an essential safety feature in the welding industry, where sudden flares and intense light can cause eye damage and irritation. It is important for any welder to learn how to select, maintain and equip welding lenses. This lens is easily the most effective because of it protection range and its ability to be easily replaced and maintained.