Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Consumer Promotions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Consumer Promotions - Essay Example Consumer promotions comprise of activities that aim at enhancing the sales of a given product. This paper seeks to determine the most effective method by delving into the different types of consumer promotions. Sampling is one of the most common methods of consumer promotions. Companies provide free samples to consumers as a way of introducing them to new products in the marketplace (Ogden & Ogden, 2014). Samples offer consumers a chance to consider how much they like a product or something that they would otherwise not buy. For instance, manufacturers of fruit juices can give away free samples at a farmer’s market. Sometimes, sampling can be used as part of a bigger marketing campaign taking place in the radio and local newspapers. According to Tanner and Raymond (2008), coupons are often considered as certificates that entitle their bearer an affirmed saving on the purchase of a given product. Companies distribute these coupons to their consumers through a number of ways. Coupons for the new fruits juice can be mailed, inserted in magazines and newspaper advertisement or enclosed in other products. Winners of these coupons could then win pack of different juices from the manufacturer. Rebates, often referred to as cash refunds, is another effective method of consumer promotion. These can be likened to coupons expect foe the fact that the price reduction occurs after one has made the purchase rather than taking place at the retail shop (Tanner & Raymond, 2008). For this to occur, the consumer sends a given ‘proof of purchase’ to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then ‘refunds the consumer a potion of the purchase price through mail. Rebates can be used in the promotion of the juice products in which consumers that purchase a given number of products are refunded. Price packs refer to flagged offers on product labels or packages that are given to consumers and which allow them to save off the standard price of a product (Yeshin,

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