Monday, December 16, 2019

Marketing Logistics Services Free Essays

Human beings act artificially when they are targeted for marketing research. This could affect the accuracy of the project. 5. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing Logistics Services or any similar topic only for you Order Now To obtain information about the role-played by various media in spreading awareness about the service. Research methodology Research methodology is the way to solve the research problems systematically. It explains the various steps generally adopted by a researcher in studying research problems along with the logic behind them. Research Approach Researcher has followed survey method as the research approach in this study. Survey research is the best suited method for descriptive information. Research Design Type of research: Descriptive Research Data sources: Primary The primary data has been collected through interviewer schedules. Secondary data has been collected with respect to information regarding the company profile, industry profile and other related documents. Sampling technique : simple random sampling Sample size of respondents : 180 The population of sample is unknown because we can’t calculate the how many customer using the professional couriers per day and the area of study is Visakhapatnam. Research instrument A structured non-disguised interviewer schedule was developed as a research instrument. Open ended, closed ended, dichotomous, ranking and rating scales were used in the questionnaire. Pilot Study: Before the interviewer schedule is administered in to the field, it needs to be pre-tested. The sample that the interviewer schedule is administered in the pre-test should be roughly ssimilar to those who will be covered in the study. A pre-test was done to collect among 8 customers and necessary adjustments were made depending upon the effectiveness of the response. Then the final questionnaire was drafted based on the feedback. Then this revised from of the questionnaire was used in the survey of the proposed sample population. Data collection: The method of data collection was through Customers: The required data was collected through personal interview and the Researcher designed a simple questionnaire for this purpose and administered in person to the samples. Data is the foundation of the all researches and they are the raw materials with which a researcher functions. Depending on the source, data can be classified as primary data and secondary data. Primary Data: Data gathered for the first time by researcher is known as primary data. This data was collected through consumer survey. This data was collected by a person through survey techniques. Survey research is the systematic gathering of data from the respondents through questionnaires. Some of the data was also collected by mearns of personal interview. The type of questions asked was: * Open-ended questions: these questions call for a response of more than a few words. In open-ended questions, the respondents are free to express their views in their own words. Multiple-choice questions: The questions for which we have a number of choices as aanswers are termed as multiple-choice questions. * Dichotomous questions: this is an extreme form of multiple-choice questions, which allows only two responses such a yes-no, agree-disagree, male-female etc. Tools used for data analysis * Ppercentage Analysis How to cite Marketing Logistics Services, Papers

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