Monday, February 17, 2020

Infrastructure Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Infrastructure Development - Assignment Example The flow, pressure, velocity and other properties remains unchanged in laminar flow. Laminar flow taking place over a horizontal surface may actually be taken to consist of laminae which are parallel to one another. The fluid that is in contact with the horizontal surface is definitely stationary, but the other layers are constantly sliding over each other. When a gas or liquid flows through a path or point, there are different parameters related to the fluid flow, thus certain parameters may vary while others may be relatively constant. The two common features of fluid flow are fluid particles pressure, velocity and element of the fluid in regard to the point that is being considered. Fluid flow can therefore be classified in various patterns that are based on flow parameters variation in relation to time and distance. By its definition, for a uniform flow to occur, the cross-sectional area should basically be constant. A good example is liquid flowing thorough a pipe of constant diameter. On the other hand, flow of a liquid through a pipeline having variable diameter would therefore be called non-uniform. In fluid mechanics, Reynold’s Number refers to a dimensionless number that is very important in designing a model of system in which the viscosity effect is very critical as far as controlling the fluid pattern flow or velocities are concerned. It is symbolized as NRe, and is also referred to as Damkà ¶hler number V (DaV). It has been noted that pressure and velocity as well as other fluid flow properties can time functions. If a fluid flow is in such a way that the properties at all points of flow are not dependent on time, it is then referred to as a steady flow. Speaking in mathematical terms, non-steady or unsteady flows are the flow properties are not dependent on time. The formulae are derived from the related mathematical equation when water is permitted to flow in

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